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Here's where the magic happens. I'll be posting about all of my experiences and experiments (both failed and successful ones), introducing you to my costumes, sharing fun stories, linking tutorials and useful products, and who knows what else!


Line em Up & Knock em Down

Michael MacWolff

So if you were around last week, you saw the multitude of projects I have to complete by the end of the month, and I've actually been doing pretty well with all of them. The 3 smaller (or rather, less elaborate) pieces are totally finished and the rest are well under way, except of course for my own personal projects but that almost exclusively involves sewing so I'm not too worried. So, let's take a look at the ones that are already done and sent off!

First up is Goku's power pole carrier. This is obviously the simplest of the projects I've been working on as it's just a long tube with a rope. I did however, sand & paint the tube, plug the end with liquid plastic so it'd actually hold the power pole, and deftly tied the ropes together ;-)
I'm hoping to get photos of the full cosplay back from the guy I made it for, which I will definitely share if that happens.

Next up is Sakura's Bloom Festal, which I realize now looks exactly the same as all of the other Hoshidan shrine wands, so this could be used for a few different characters. I also finally purchased and started Fates, so if any of you want to be subjected to my in(s)ane comments and screenshots of my playthrough, you can look @mikeythelaguz on twitter under #mikeyplays. I don't know why you'd want to do that but hey, to each their own.
For the Bloom Festal, I actually made the shides (the zig-zag dangly things) in the traditional way, and they are actually paper (though not technically "traditional" japanese paper but whatever). Those are real mirrors in the top too, which is why it blends in so perfectly to the wall color in the one photo, and is reflecting my ceiling in the other.

And last up of the finished projects we have Klaus von German Name from Blood Battalion. I made the bracer/gauntlet thing, along with the red fingers on the glove, as well as his little cross-shaped knuckles. These were fun to put together, even though I am not at all familiar with this series. I also hope I can find the folks I made them for as Colossal next month.

And now for the works still in progress. We have Bloodborne blunderbuss 2.0. I'm linking how this one is turning out, I think it will look just as good if not better than the first one I made. Also, the barrel on this one is actually octagonal instead of hexagonal like the first one. Oops.

Then we have Auron's katana, which is in the middle of the agonizing process of gooping spackling paste over the beveled foam edges and then sanding it sooth, and then gooping more into the divots and rinse, repeat until I have a nice surface. And of course the bevel on this thing is so wide it's going to take me a long freaking time to finish this when I have to wait a day in between gooping.

Last up is the Fujin Yumi from FE: Fates, which is the newest addition to my queue for Colossal. I decided to make it out of wood because it's so long and so skinny that if it were all craft foam I know it would break pretty quickly and that would be very sad. I am also using a board that is about 1" thick so it takes longer to jigsaw through. Consequently this is as far as I could get yesterday since I drained both of my jigsaw batteries on this thing. Oi.
I also have the fun task of trying to figure out how to hide a battery pack somewhere in this thing so that I can use EL wire for the bowstring. It'll look friggin sweet but it'll also be a pain in the ass to engineer.


And that's all she wrote. Stay tuned for more progess on these awesome weapons in the coming weeks!