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Here's where the magic happens. I'll be posting about all of my experiences and experiments (both failed and successful ones), introducing you to my costumes, sharing fun stories, linking tutorials and useful products, and who knows what else!


Post-Colossal Revue

Michael MacWolff

Hey folks! Colossalcon was a whirlwind as always, and unfortunately with as busy as my life tends to be of course I had to leave early which meant I didn't get to spend as much time with my wonderful con friends as I would have liked, but such is life.

Still, I got to meet some awesome new people who I will hopefully be able to cosplay with in the future! The bulk of my photos are up on my facebook page and it seems silly to double-post too many things, but I did want to show off the stuff of note!

Thursday I got in and immediately stumbled upon the Pokemon photoshoot and managed to find the only existing photo of my Ramos cosplay with all of its proper pieces, courtesy of Shadow Wolf Creative Photography (besides my little Gogoat who sadly broke as soon as I got out of the car on Thursday).

Friday was fun, I started out in Aang, making it to the Avatar/Korra shoot, though I don't have much in the way of photos since I was in most of them and being lazy about taking them when I wasn't. Then in the afternoon I transitioned to Edgeworth, but not before getting horribly sunburned >_<
Again, I managed to stumble across a shoot completely by accident so here's some Ace Attorneys! Again, there aren't a ton of photos since I was in about half of them.

For Saturday, I geared up in Aang again and had my cousin/husband team with me! It was lots of fun having a big group and we got lots of photos taken of us.

we're hoping to get the crew together again some time soon since we didn't get to spend too much time hanging out on Saturday.

Now I thankfully get a bit of a reprieve as I don't have too many orders that need to be filled immediately, though I do have an event this weekend in Strongsville, so anyone local should come visit!