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Here's where the magic happens. I'll be posting about all of my experiences and experiments (both failed and successful ones), introducing you to my costumes, sharing fun stories, linking tutorials and useful products, and who knows what else!


Adventures in a New House

Michael MacWolff

Welcome back!

As promised I wanted to show off my new crafting space now that we’re settled in a bit more. Things certainly aren’t all put away yet, and we haven’t even decided which rooms what furniture is going in yet, but I’ve had some time to stake out and organize my crafting areas!


First up is the armory! I already have plans to put in pegboard in the left area to hold most of these props. This is also the only area with concrete flooring so it might serve (at least to start) as my woodworking/dirty workspace. If that happens I’ll tent off the section where I work so sawdust doesn’t f*** up our utilities…
Needless to say it’ll be a bit before I can start doing much propwork again, which is fine because it’s almost December so xmas orders of other stuff I make will be picking up here shortly.


My other main crafting space is a large, rectangular room, also in the basement. Benefits include lots of built-in cabinets/drawers and counterspace!


On opposite sides of the room there are these weird-shaped desk…. things. They work fine, and I can set up a machine on either side and store stuff on the weird middle angle! The lack of drawers means that I’m gonna have to keep that space organized or it’ll just avalanche out of there.
I’m also looking for more of those sewing stools like the one in that photo; ideally one for each spot where I’ll normally sit. That way I don’t have to move that one around (since it is full of shit) and I’ll have some extra storage that is also practical!


The weird desk on the other side is going to be crafting space! I’m gonna set up some shelves to hold things like paint, adhesives, etc. It’s also going to work opposite the sewing desk, I’m gonna store stuff under the side wings and sit in the center diagonal part because the shelves underneath are set back a bit so my knees will fit under there.


This monstrosity is set up along the wall with the sewing desk. Yes the fabric is all color-sorted. I’ve been wanting to do that forEVER and I finally have room. This doesn’t include fleece or the prints I use to make my ties because I have too many so they all live in totes elsewhere.


I also sorted all of my buttons and other closures into this fun drawer-storage thing! It only took, like, 4 hours X_X


The last thing in the crafting room is this large white storage cabinet. Right now it’s housing a bunch of aror bits, props, and other random cosplay bits. My cosplay closet is a good bit smaller than the one I had at our old house so I had to find somewhere new to put all this junk.


Speaking of which, here’s the overcrowded closet! Not much to say here except good god I have so many cosplays XD

So, that’s the new setup! I’m super excited to start using it more regularly now that we’re more moved in and I have some time to work on projects again.