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Here's where the magic happens. I'll be posting about all of my experiences and experiments (both failed and successful ones), introducing you to my costumes, sharing fun stories, linking tutorials and useful products, and who knows what else!


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To Wing, Brothers!

Michael MacWolff

Ok, I apologize for using part of his dumbest quote, but pirate birb is pirate birb. This throwback thursday is all about the rough-and-tumble hawk king of Phoenecis, Tibarn!


Tibarn is one of my first legitimate cosplays. I wore him to my first ever convention back in 2009. Considering I hardly knew what I was doing in those days, and I had only learned to sew a year or so prior, it's amazing how well this turned out, and how well it's held up over the years.


Obviously there are lots of things I'd do differently if i were to make it over again (not that I will ever make it over again), like using different fabric for almost all of it, and stitching the designs into the coat rather than painting them.

Laguz Brothers.jpg

I also have much better methods for achieving the wrappings on my arms than actually wrapping strips of fabric around my arms...

One thing I definitely wouldn't change would be my wings. I like how lightweight and unobtrusive they are. They're also very easy to repair if anything happens to them, and I still have a bunch of leftover feathers from the project nearly a decade later (I may have bought just a bit more than I needed). The first time i wore him I actually had a bunch of people compliment me on them, and ask if they could touch them, since they're rather fuzzy and are just as soft as they look. It was great to get that reaction at my first even convention!



My dream came true at Youma 2016 when we got a full bird council together. We got some awesome photos by Justin Pineda and Robert Tate.

Leanne and Reyson (right) are  Trimeriad Cosplay

Leanne and Reyson (right) are Trimeriad Cosplay

The most miraculous part is that we had a second Reyson just appear out of nowhere! And now we're friends and have gotten to cosplay together more, which has been awesome. We also had another 1/5 Laguz present for the shoot. We only had half a beorc, so there was minimal representation on the human side of things.


I really do love everything about this cosplay and want to wear him all the time ^_^

Blade of Kutolah

Michael MacWolff

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday! This time we're taking a look back at our favorite Sacaean swordsman, Guy!

Swordsman of the Plains.jpg

Guy was one of my earlier cosplays, and as it turns out, the first time I tried to wear him, it didn't work out. It was Colossalcon several years ago and my friend and I were going to do a little photoshoot together as Guy & Matthew. Well, I finished Guy, but my friend never made Matthew. To add to the confusion, I left my wig at home, so I was a weird short-haired ginger Sacaean instead of actually being Guy. The only good thing to come out of it was our mutual friend, who came dressed as Leanne. We got a picture of her stabbing me with my own sword. Don't ask why, because I don't know. 

Photo courtesy of  ShinyArticun0

Photo courtesy of ShinyArticun0

So yeah, fortunately when I brought him to Colossalcon a few years later, I actually remembered the wig.

This costume turned out surprisingly well for as early in my cosplay career as i made it. the details along the side are all done in satin ribbon, and it fits me well. The sleeves are even attached correctly! The only thing that's a bit wonky is the collar. The hole for my head is a bit bigger than it's supposed to be so I end up showing a decent amount of collarbone area, but that's the only real issue.

The four of us represent all of the non-Awakening characters present. But we have 3 (technically 4 with PoR/RD) represented here.

The four of us represent all of the non-Awakening characters present. But we have 3 (technically 4 with PoR/RD) represented here.

It was at that Colossal that I actually got some decent photos of him.

Guy Napping.jpg

I still have yet to get together with a Matthew, but hopefully I can make that happen relatively soon, because I have a friend who cosplays Matthew (the same friend who does every version of Sothe). Now that we got big!Sothe and little!Sothe together, Guy and Matthew are next on the list. On the bright side, I did manage to find a Rebecca cosplayer at last year's Colossalcon (apparently that's the only convention I'm allowed to wear this to).


We were supposed to have a Nino as well, to make a Blazing Sword grin-haired trio, but sadly she couldn't make it.

That's about all there is to say about this guy... haha, Guy... get it?
Ok, I'm done.

Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself...

Michael MacWolff

Welcome to another throwback thursday! This time, we're going to have some fun with that sultry prosecutor, Godot!


Godot was actually my first Ace Attorney, and I made him primarily because i have a good friend who cosplayed Mia Fey. He unfortunately got left behind once I started cosplaying Miles Edgeworth, however, because I adore that frilly man so pretty much any time I want to cosplay from AA, I'm going to choose Edgeworth over Godot.

Maybe you should keep your claws out, and show them what you've got... Kitten.

Maybe you should keep your claws out, and show them what you've got... Kitten.

It seemed silly to only cosplay Godot, when Diego Armando is pretty much the same cosplay with a few alterations. The vest is exactly the same, which was the only part of the costume I actually had to make besides the mask. It helped that I also already had a wig that would work well enough.

The best part about Ace Attorney cosplay is that all of the chatacters wear fairly normal clothing, so it's all comfy and was pretty easy to thrift most of it and construct the leftover bits. The biggest pain was the vest, because I couldn't find one that worked, nor could I find suiting fabric that was right, so I had to pinstripe the fabric myself. It was a pain in the ass but it turned out really well.

Did you forget already? In my world, the color red doesn't exist. These must be… my tears.

Did you forget already? In my world, the color red doesn't exist. These must be… my tears.

Interestingly enough, I had a moment while wearing it where this quote was relevant. I was at Ohayocon and there was a table where another convention was advertising. On the there was a white board with information written in marker, but I couldn't see any of it because it was written in red. I asked my friend a question about it and she was like "it says so right there" and pointed at the seemingly blank sign. It was a pretty perfectly unintentional in-character moment.


Because of the style of Ace Attorney, it was really easy to get a lot of good shots, because there are plenty of easy reference poses to follow. The spit take was one of my favorites to try and photograph because I basically had to spit water everywhere about 10 times before we got a good one. Sadly, it wasn't until much later that we realized I should have been using Coke or some other colored liquid. Oh well, at least it still came out pretty well.



And of course i had to end with my favorite photo because it is just too perfect with the flash reflection lining up the way it did. This was of course entirely unintentional.

And there's Godot. I'm actually selling the bits I have left (the mask died a while ago) so you might see him around, but I won't be the one wearing him.