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Here's where the magic happens. I'll be posting about all of my experiences and experiments (both failed and successful ones), introducing you to my costumes, sharing fun stories, linking tutorials and useful products, and who knows what else!


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Wolves on the Prowl

Michael MacWolff

So I got photos back from our little shoot with Volug and Nailah from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn! There are a bunch of photos so I wanted to share some of my favorites here.

Volug: Me
Nailah: Lady Aerith Fair
Sanaki: VanguardWingal
Photographer: Philosophically Undefined Photography / Denzel Thomas

I still can't believe there was randomly a Sanaki. And that I  actually knew them from waaaay back.

I still can't believe there was randomly a Sanaki. And that I  actually knew them from waaaay back.


And that's all for now. I've been hard at work getting Vaida together for Matsuricon so if you want to see periodic progress photos (that are way more consistent then my posting here oops), you can follow me on Instagram @mikeydoescospay
But don't worry, I will put together a post of all my Vaida work on here soon.

Colossal 2018

Michael MacWolff

So, I had a short weekend at Colossal so this'll be a pretty short post, BUT I had tons of fun and wanted to share some photos!


Drove down in most of Mordred so I could stomp around as my favorite heroic spirit. 

IMG_0558 (2).JPG

This cosplay is super simple but I absolutely love it. I'm gonna have to replace the boots at some point since the leather is already cracking a bit but I did get them at the thrift store so that's just how it goes. I also am so happy with how my sword came out that I want to just carry it around all the time lol. I'm contemplating making the red base outfit so I have another excuse to use it (since I'm not brave enough to make that weirdly-shaped armor they wear).
I hung out with my boy Lululii most of the morning since they were doing casual Astolfo... which is really the whole reason I even made Mordred in the first place. MY ASTOLFO WAS SO EFFING CUTE, and we becamse selfie royalty together.


Also, by some miracle there was a fate photoshoot that morning so we hung out there for a while. I didn't get many photos but the highlights were this beautiful shot with all of the sabers.


Who then claimed the throne...


And the pair of Iskandars who were adorable.


After the shoot I changed into TWEWY for a private shoot with SMZeldaRules. We've been planning to do the reaper duo for a long time so it was great to finally do it! We had a lovely shoot with HeadphoneStudio but we don't have the photos back from that just yet. We do, however, have some photos we took ourselves that came out AWESOME!


And yes, we had two Shos! The one in the first photo is HeckinSleepy, and I don't have the info for the Sho in the second photo (but I'll link to it if he has a cosplay page), and all of these photos were taken by Raptorius13.


Saturday morning was Fire Emblem day, as I always have to have at least one, right? I busted out my favorite wolf laguz and got to hang out with my Nailah, LadyAerithFair. We haven't seen each other since the last time we did Volug & Nailah, which was 6 years ago! We also magically found a Sanaki, who turned out to be VanguardWingal!  I had a feeling I'd know who it was because I make it my business to get to know any Tellius cosplayer I come across lol.


We took some lovely photos out in the savanna grass which I will share with you all when i get them.

And that was my Colossal! I had a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon so I left right after we finished with photos.

That's all for this week! Now that Colossal is over, I have some new commissions and a new cosplay I' working on for Matsuri (which thankfully isn't for a while yet).

Colossal 2017

Michael MacWolff

Hey everyone! I just got back from another awesome Colossalcon and my priority 1 is sharing my experience with all of you lovely people!
But of course I have minimal photos of my own cosplays because I'm a dummy and always forget to have people take photos of me on my own phone >_<

Nevertheless, here's how the weekend went!

Thursday I didn't even end up going, as I was still finishing up Jordan's Ruby cosplay (primarily painting the scythe), but I'm pretty sure if I had gone on Thursday I'd be even more exhausted. On the bright side, I got everything done pretty early and got to spend a relaxing evening with my husband and puppy.

I believe this is the third time I've gotten him to cosplay with me so we were both very excited.

Friday was a pretty easy day, I spent the day in Hestu and did lots of expand-a-banding people's inventory when they would ask for my photo. Went to a Voltron panel. Hung out with my friends. It was a good day.
I was also involved in a late-night RWBY panel as Yatsuhashi (in pajamas), which was interesting. I was tired and minimally involved since Yatsu is such an minor character so it was a struggle to stay awake but I made it through, and safely got back to my firend's house, which whom I was staying.

In anticipation of the panel, I made a basket full of Grimm. RAWR!

In anticipation of the panel, I made a basket full of Grimm. RAWR!

Saturday was a bit rough since I only slept for a couple hours, but I still had a lovely time with Jordan as our genderbent Ruby & Penny. We got lots of compliments and went to the RWBY shoot (after wandering around the waterpark for a good long while trying to find it).  Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and never made anyone I actually know take photos of the two of us, so hopefully I'll be able to find some one the internet and I'll share.

Also did a short stint in Hestu on Saturday for the Zelda shoot which was tons of fun and there were so many amazing cosplayers there. The BOTW game was strong. And I got to shoot my favorite thing from the whole weekend, which is pretty much the whole reason I wanted to make Hestu in the first place!

After the RWBY shoot Jordan & I went out to lunch with some friends and when I came back I put on Guy for a little bit, hoping to find the Rebecca cosplayer I'd seen as we were leaving. Fortunately, I found her almost immediately!

Sunday was pretty easy, hung around a while to say goodbye to friends, dressed in my magizoologist outfit since I brought it so I figured I might as well wear it at least once. Then came home to cuddle with my favorite boys.

All in all, it was exhausting but I had a lot of fun. With any luck, people will be posting photos over the next week or so, so I'll try and keep an eye out for things. And maybe someday I'll remember to get photos of my own cosplays on my own devices XD
If you want to see photos of all the other awesome cosplay I saw there, check you my facebook album HERE!