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Here's where the magic happens. I'll be posting about all of my experiences and experiments (both failed and successful ones), introducing you to my costumes, sharing fun stories, linking tutorials and useful products, and who knows what else!


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Witness Me!

Michael MacWolff

Hey folks, as promised, I give you the outcome of my weeks worth of endeavors dragging thrift store find along the concrete. I give you the Imperator, the Warboy, and the Bloodbag!

And Max apparently doesn't know what to do with himself. Sadly, there's only one other photo because we were too busy drinking to worry about taking pictures. Don't worry, eventually we'll be wearing these again I'm sure, and maybe we can find an old junkyard or something to take some legit photos. Anyway, here are the furious citadel residents.

And for all the nerd who actually follow this blog, you'll be happy to know I did in fact yell "WITNESS ME" every time I won a Mario Kart race.

The only other thing to report at the moment, is my progress on that suit of armor I'm working on. I'm up to 9 whole pieces! No finishing steps yet, but they are constructed (I want to get the person fit before I do anything else cause they'll be a lot easier to heat & adjust shapes without paint and all that other junk on them. Here's how they look.

That's about all I have to show you for the moment, because although I've been working hard on stuff, half of it is for my [SECRET COSPLAY] and the bits I've been working on are a bit too easily recognizable to share without giving away my identity. For those of you still wanting to guess, this is the wealth of information I've given away thus far: I'm a male character who wields a named sword, and no one (based on my rather extensive internet searching) has cosplayed this character before. I'm also not from Awakening, which I don't think I ever explicitly said, but I have mentioned that I won't be doing any new cosplays from that game. I can also elaborate on the whole named sword thing and add that no one else ever wields this weapon, which is pretty sweet.

One other thing to mention before I'm outta here, I've been working on the materials section as promised, so go check it out through the Help Desk!

Who Killed the World?

Michael MacWolff

Hello dearies, and welcome to a spaztastic WIP Wednesday here at Mikey Does Cosplay. While I'm still recovering from the wedding, I've at least had enough time to dive headlong into my next set of projects. And I couldn't have done so too soon because one of them is a pair of costumes for an Apocalypse-themed Halloween party we're going to this saturday. So yeah, that's been  quite the turn-around, but it has been insanely fun to work on all of the pieces I've put together.

What are these lovely costumes, you ask? Oh, no one special, just the three awesomest characters in a movie that will melt your face off - Mad Max: Fury Road. It all started with my friend who's hosting the party; she wanted to do an Imperator Furiosa costume for the party and recruited my help for constructing the prosthetic arm. It's not nearly as awesome as some of the ones I've seen out there, but given the extremely limited time to put things together it looks pretty awesome.

I put together all of the bits and pieces, she sewed them onto the base glove, everyone is happy. It's made using my usual method of cereal boxes and worbla. Along with some leather pits, acryllic rods, key rings, duct tape, and some legitimate pieces like actual wrenches and a tire gauge. For such a hack job I think it looks really cool.

So naturally, when tasked to make this thing, and given the challenge of an apocalypse-themed party, how could I not immediately try for my own pair of MM:FR costumes to match? Well, Jordan is one who prefers not to wear a wig... and also prefers to have some hair, so he was the natural choice for Max.

As a bonus, he actually owns a coat that looks ridiculously like Max's from the movie (which Nux is wearing in this particular scene). Double bonus, he has a long-sleeved tshirt that's about the same color as the one Max wears, and has already worn it to the point where there's giant holes and it's missing half an arm. Score, I have almost no real work to do for his outfit minus some further weathering on the shirt, and to find a pair of pants at the thrift store. There's also that weird shoulder pauldron that I have yet to figure out the purpose of, but whatever. Either way, all missions were a success! I managed to find a pair of cargo pants at the thrift store and constructed a pauldron for him. The weathering was interesting... I essentially took the shirt and pants out to our concrete driveway and danced on top of them while shuffling my feet as much as possible... for about an hour. I felt ridiculous but it worked, you can see the fruits of my labor here.

I didn't touch the coat cause it's actually a really nice coat, but it already has the right look to it without grinding it into the dirt.

So that really just leaves me, and by now you may have a good idea of what my plans are...

That's right, I'll be donning the lovable warboy, Nux. One of these days I'll stop doing bald characters, but in the meantime this is going to be a lot of fun. The nice thing is it's pretty simple as far as clothing goes. I roughed up a second pair of cargo pants for him, I have a decent pair of boots, and some leather bits to strap around my legs. The rest is going to be make-up magic which I'm both nervous and excited about doing. I'm not the greatest when it comes to makeup but I'd like to get better, and this should be an interesting experiment. The biggest thing is going to be the engine-design scar on his chest. Given that this is less than a fully-legit cosplay of mine, I opted out of creating a chest plate with liquid latex, but if I decide to wear this to a con some time in the future, I may go back and try to do that. I've never used liquid latex though so that would be an other interesting experience to try out. For now, it'll just be painted on and we'll see how it looks.

Of course, we're not quite done because if Jordan & I are doing these two it only seems appropriate that we have the proper accessories.

Yep, Jordan will be muzzled and we'll be attached with a chain and bloodline; things are getting kinky ;-)

I cannot tell you all how pumped I am for this weekend. I will definitely post some photos of the full crew all done-up once I get back, you can count on seeing those either here or on facebook early next week. And naturally, that's not all I'm working on right now, but the rest is taking a back-burner until I get this more pressing stuff done. Needless to say, there will be lots more happening here for you to see in the coming weeks!