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Here's where the magic happens. I'll be posting about all of my experiences and experiments (both failed and successful ones), introducing you to my costumes, sharing fun stories, linking tutorials and useful products, and who knows what else!


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The Gentle Saint

Michael MacWolff

It's throwback thursday again and this week I wanted to show off yet another of my many Fire Emblem cosplays. While I love this character a great deal, I will admit that a big motivation to cosplay him was the fact that I could use my own hair. Yes, I'm referring to the ginger priest: Rhys.

Rhys, like many of the character in the Tellius series, shows up in both games, so it was a tough decision figuring out which version I wanted to do. While Path of Radiance was the stronger game, I really liked the details in his outfit in Radiant Dawn, so in the end I went with that (it's the same dilemma I had with Haar... at least the Laguz all dress exactly the same in both games).


Besides being able to use my own ginger locks for this cosplay, I also had a friend who wanted to cosplay as Soren so I decided Rhys would make a nice character to do alongside her, as a black and a white mage, essentially. Yes, I know Ike would ahve been better but I had (and still have) no intention of making Ike, desipte how much I love him. I mean, maybe if he got a seasonal costume in Heroes I'd consider it... but that's beside the point. Rhys also marks the first magic user in my FE repertoire, so that was pretty nice too.

The best things was not really needing to do much propwork, as most of the costume is fabric. I did make a tome and a staff, but both were fairly simple. I don't really have any progress photos or anything, because I made this a loooong time ago, but I do have some silly photos from my first Tekko, as well as my more recent wearing of him at Ohayo a few years ago.


There was a Laura, which was super unexpected. So we of course had to take a photo of us beating each other with our staves, because they added that pointless mechanic in RD.


Soren needed some healing after getting looked at by a myrmidon.


At Ohayo, I made friends with this fantastic Mia. Once again it was a miracle that I actually had a coordinating character I didn't come with.


She even swept me off my feet!


And since I made an actual Rexaura tome, I had to cast it at least once. This is probably my favorite photo of this cosplay :-D

And that's that! It's kinda ironic that a cosplay that has relatively simple props became the poster child for my prop listing on Etsy.