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Mikey Points!

Welcome to the Mikey Point hub! From here, you can track your current MP, as well as spend it for some fabulous items.

Want to know how much MP you've earned? Click the button to the left and look for your name on the chart!

Welcome to the Mikey Point Shop. How may I help you?

Welcome to the Mikey Point Shop. How may I help you?

To redeem your MP, send Mikey a message using the "Contact Us" form on this page. It's the little envelope in the top right corner.
If you are redeeming a physical item, please include your mailing address in your message.

Bow TIE Fighter
2000 MP

Custom Amigurumi
1500 MP

Please include the character you'd like with your message!

Hogwarts Hybrid House Crest Sticker

Single Sticker: 100 MP
SET of 6: 500 MP

If ordering a single sticker, please include which crest you'd like! 

dog cube

Custom Plush cube
3000 MP

Please include what character/creature/design you'd like for your cube. Please note that if your design is too complicated, it may be denied.

Posable Bowtruckle
700 MP


Fandom Pendant
1000 MP

Please include a link to the symbol/design/picture you would like in your message!