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Cosplay Help Desk

Thanks to my friend Marie for her cameo with me here <3

Thanks to my friend Marie for her cameo with me here <3

Hello, love. You've come to the Cosplay Help Desk, how may I assist you today?

If you're looking for tutorials on how to create just about anything, just click on the "Tutorials" button below. We have a good variety of tutorials from working with different materials to sewing techniques and more!

Looking for some advice on materials for your project? Our "Materials" page has some information on many of the materials commonly used here at Mikey Does Cosplay. [Under Construction, but go ahead and look anyway]

Need some inspiration to get working? Click the "Inspiration" button below to find some amazing work done by lovely cosplayers the world over. That always gets me motivated.

Need some reassurance to keep going and not give up on your project? Try the "Warm Fuzzies" button to lift your spirits and take your mind off of your frustrations for a while with an onslaught of adorableness.

Need something else and can't find it here? I'd be happy to take your personal questions, simply click on the envelope in the top right corner of your screen and let me know how I can help improve your cosplay experience today.