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I find most of my tutorials on Pinterest, so you can check out the full and totally unorganized list here, the rest I've tried to put together in some semblance of organization. Enjoy, and if you find anything that you think would be good to add here, let me know!

Props and Armor

Fabric, Sewing, Etc.

  • If you're new to sewing, there's a great collection of knowledge and tutorials to get you started here. It has everything from patterning to sewing buttons, using different kinds of fabrics, and all kinds of useful things! Thanks so much Katie, Jan, and the other young ladies for suggesting it!

  • Drafting a Pattern from Existing Clothing / Drafting Tutorial B Both of these tutorials show you how to make a pattern without taking the existing garment apart, which is great! You can also go to the thrift store and find something that fits, is cheap, and *can* be taken apart to use as your base pattern (that's what I usually do).

  • Installing a Zipper / Alternative Zipper Method (The second one also show you how to shorten a zipper, but this doesn't apply to separating zippers)

  • Using Single-Fold Bias Tape - Single fold bias tape will give you a clean edge around an arm hole or other raw edge without giving you a strip of color along your outline. This is useful if you're not lining your costume.

  • Using Double-Fold Bias Tape - Double fold bias tape folds around both sides of the edge of your fabric, so it will give you a stripe of color along the edge where you add it. A lot of anime designs have colorful borders along the edges of garments so double-fold bias tape is a great way to achieve that.

  • Installing Welt Pockets - Welt pockets are the small pockets on vests and similar garments where a pocket is added to a solid piece of fabric, rather than a traditional pocket where it's added in along a seam. Lots of designs have them so it's a useful thing to know how to make, because real pockets on cosplay are always helpful.

  • Torn Fabric Edges

  • No Stretch Boot Covers by Fire Lily Cosplay

  • Fingerless Gloves by Adlez-axel

  • Armsocks - A useful tool for strange skin colors on your hands so you don't have to paint them.

  • Dying Fur - Finding the proper colored fur can be difficult, and fur can't be dyed in the traditional sense, but it can be done with this method!

Fiber Arts

  • Quilting, Knit/Crochet, and Embroidery - This has a bunch of info about different fiber crafts so it’s a good place to start if you’re interested in any of that (submitted by followers, Thanks Sidney!)

  • Crochet Basics (submitted by followers, Thanks Jackie & Ava!)