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Upcoming Cons

These are the conventions and other events I'll be attending, and what cosplays you can expect me to have there!

I'm hoping to do one new cosplay every convention. More than that and things get hectic, less than that and Mikey is a dull boy.
cons with a ??? next to them mean I don't know if I'm going or not.

  • MagFest 2018??? (Jan4-7)
    • Unlikely I'll be able to go but I really want to
  • Ohayocon 2018 (Jan 26-28)
    • Finally do Red Lotus group?
    • Maybe Transistor if things come together?
    • Perhaps other existing stuff depending on what people want to do??????
    • **New Cosplay**
      • Possibly Krem (Dragon Age: Inquisition) if my friend has Dorian ready. Otherwise I'll save my boy for Tekko, perhaps.
      • If not Krem, then probably Tariq (Pyre)
  • Zipcon 2018 (Feb 10)
    • ??? Maybe RWBY stuff since the folks I know who go to Zipcon are all RWBY people
    • Maybe something else simple, I don't know what? Probably nothing new???
    • Maybe **Rowlet Gijinka** if I have time?
  • Oddmall Canton (Feb 17-18)
    • Vending!
  • Tekko 2018 (Apr 5-8) aka Fire Emblem!Con
    • Ranulf (FE: Por/RD)
    • Innes (FE: The Sacred Stones)
    • Guy (FE: Blazing Sword)
    • Rhys (FE: PoR/RD)
    • I'm tempted to take Yarne so that I have one from every FE game I've played, but I am too lazy for that
  • Oddmall Akron (May 5-6)
    • Vending!
  • ACen 2018? (May 18-20)
    • Unlikely.
  • Colossalcon 2018 (May 31- June 1)
    • Koki Kariya (TWEWY) with SMZeldaRules as Uzuki... and possibly some other random folks
    • Casual Mordred with Lululii as Casual Astolfo, and hopefully some other folks
    • Quattro Bajeena & Camille Bidan (Zeta Gundam) with my husband [Postponed]
    • Volug (FE: RD) with LadyAerithFair as Nailah
  • Matsuricon 2018 (August 24-26)
    • **Vaida (FE: Blazing Sword)** with a big FE7 crew
    • Casual Mordred (Fate/Apocrypha) with Genki as Iskandar (Fate/Zero)
    • Ashnard (FE: PoR) with Celine as Ike (and hopefully other randos)
    • Stein (Soul Eater) with Daruchai as Medusa
  • Youmacon 2018 (???)
    • **Hopefully Subject_Not_Found** with Genki???
    • TWEWY reunion at last???!? WE'RE GONNA TRY IT
    • Innes (FE: SS) with Celine as Ephraim (and hopefully other randos)