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Upcoming Cons

These are the conventions and other events I'll be attending, and what cosplays you can expect me to have there!


  • Matsuricon 2017 (August 25-26)
    • Maybe we'll finally have Red Lotus all done and together?
    •  Masrur (Magi)
    • The Speaker (Destiny)
    • ??? TWEWY Reunion, but probably not so maybe something else ???
    • I should remake Ramos's giant scissors and cosplay him again...
  • A Very Potter Weekend (October 6-8)
    • All of the wizards. Every single one.
  • Youmacon 2017 (November 3-5)
    • Lots of Fire Emblem: possibly another Tellius group, possibly a Rekka no Ken group!
    • Tibarn? Guy? I really want to do Ashnard if we do a Tellius group again.
  • Con on the Cob (November 9-12)
    • Vending!
    • Same stuff blah blah