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Upcoming Cons

These are the conventions and other events I'll be attending, and what cosplays you can expect me to have there!

I'm hoping to do one new cosplay every convention. More than that and things get hectic, less than that and Mikey is a dull boy.
cons with a ??? next to them mean I don't know if I'm going or not.

  • MagFest 2019??? (Jan3-6)

    • Some day I’ll actually go to this one

  • Ohayocon 2019 (Jan 11-13)

    • It’s next week and this is all still TBD, but nothing new this year

    • Fran (Fate/Apocrypha)

    • Newt Scamander (like actual Newt cosplay not just my OC cryptozoologist)

    • A fancy modern witch

  • Oddmall Canton (Feb 16-17)

    • Vending! I’ll be dressed as something, that’s for sure

  • Zipcon 2019 (Feb 23)

    • ??? we’ll see if I go this year, it’ll depend on friends going or not

  • Tekko 2019 (Apr 11-14)

    • **Frog (Chrono Triggger)** …I already started working on his head so I should have it done by then

    • Probably some FE stuff, cause most of my FE peeps go to this one

  • Oddmall Akron (May 4-5)

    • Vending!

  • Colossalcon 2019 (May 30- June 2)

    • I don’t even know if I’m going this year, but if I do, this might happen:

    • Camille Bidan & Quattro Bajeena (Zeta Gundam)

    • ???

  • Wizardly World of Kent 2019 (August 16-18)

    • Hopefully I’ll be vending again this year but it’s too early to know for sure

    • Either way I’ll be there in cryptozoological gear, whether it’s Newt or my OC

  • Matsuricon 2019 (August 16-18)

    • **Shigure (Tales of Berseria)** …I need to keep my promise to Trickssi this year

    • It’s far too early to have any other plans XD

  • Youmacon 2019 (October 31 - November 3)

    • Already talking about Tellius Villains

    • Who knows what else